Recycled Polyester Yarn Applications


Compared with nylon yarn, recycled polyester yarn has a large market due to its low cost and good performance. There are many different varieties of recycled polyester fibers, such as ordinary fibers, hollow fibers, triangular fibers, flame-retardant fibers, etc., which are now generally used in the filler industry of furniture and toys, bedding, clothing industry, needle-punched cotton industry, and stitch-bonded fabrics industry, etc.

Besides, the application field of recycled polyester yarn is similar to that of virgin polyester yarn. It is widely used in suspenders, shirts, skirts, children's clothing, silk scarves, cheongsam, ties, handkerchiefs, home textiles, curtains, pajamas, bows, gift bags, sleeves, fashion umbrellas, pillowcases, pillows, etc. It is most often used to produce textiles that require GRS certification, or used together with other type of yarn to manufacture core spun yarn or blended yarn.
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