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Recycled Polyester Full Drawn Yarn

HAILI is a professional China Recycled Polyester Full Drawn Yarn yarn manufacturer and China Recycled Polyester Full Drawn Yarn supplier. Our products made from post-consumer plastic bottles have good quality properties and are good for the environment and people. Our company has customized high-end green recycled polyester filament for IKEA, Samsonite, Adidas, YKK, Target, Walmart and many other international famous brands. It has successfully realized the transformation and upgrading of high-quality, international development of recycled filament, and played a leading role in the national resource recycling industry.

rPET, which means recycled polyethylene terephthalate. Its yarn is extracted from discarded recycled mineral water bottles and cola bottles. Recycled polyester yarn is a new type of environmental-friendly recycled yarn. Because it is waste recycling, recycled polyester yarn is very popular in abroad, especially in developed countries in Europe and America. Recycled polyester yarn can be used in various fields. Most of recycled polyester yarn is applied into all kinds of textiles in life, such as curtains, carpets, sofas, suitcases, apparel, etc.

Our company has OEKO-TEX certification and GRS certification. Our company's recycled yarns are exported to many countries in the world. 
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Zhejiang Haili is one of the professional Recycled Polyester Full Drawn Yarn manufacturers and suppliers in China, with more than working experience. Our Recycled Polyester Full Drawn Yarn made in China are high quality.Welcome to buy products from our factory. Our products are Sustainable, Enviromental Friendly, you can rest assured customized.