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Company Profile

ZHEJIANG HAILI ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is green manufacturing system solution supplier in China specialized in Recycled Polyester Yarn, Recycled Polyester Chips, bottle Flakes. We have a passion for pursuing more sustainable resources and offer more trusted recycled products. So far, an average of 10 billion plastic bottles are recycled and reused at our industrial park each year.



1. We can do better

2. We can do more
rPET one-stop supply chain: Bottles-Flakes-Granules-Yarns, the waste has achieved comprehensive and efficient reuse. We provide professional solutions for recycled polyester. Practice and efforts tell us that the abandonment of a plastic bottle is not the end, but the beginning of another story.

3.Our vision and mission
We want to balance economic growth  with environmental protection. Recycling can create a business model that is sustainable and a better life for the many people. This is both a responsibility and a positive opportunity. 

  • (Sewage purification system) 90% water reused

  • 80,000 M2 solar energy applying system, provide 10% of Production electricity.

  • HAILI' Team

  • Skill Training for Employees

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