The advantages of recycled polyester yarn


Reduce Plastic pollution

The decreased number of bottles and other plastic materials in landfills is a significant benefit of recycled polyester. Reusing plastic bottles during the manufacture of recycled polyester yarn has significant positive effects on lowering environmental pollutants, including water and also air pollution.

Unique Features

Recycled polyester gives nearly identical qualities to virgin polyester. It is sturdy, lightweight, crease-proof, colorfast, quick-drying, stain-resistant, environmentally friendly, and affordable. Because of this, polyester is frequently used in different sectors, including those for the home, apparel, sports, and outdoor gear.


Recent research has revealed that virgin polyester contains a number of carcinogens that can result in heart, lung, as well as skin cancer. Therefore, experts advise against using virgin polyester for an extended period of time. Recycled PET yarn, on the other hand, is an exception. For instance, sustainable recycled polyester yarns are fully safe for prolonged usage and do not contain any elements that might cause cancer.

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How Plastic waste is recycled into Recycled Polyester Yarn?

Save energy

When compared with virgin polyester, recycled sustainable polyester fiber results in significant energy savings throughout the yarn manufacturing process. Additionally, choosing this polyester over virgin polyester results in a 20% decrease in water use and a 30% decrease in CO2 emissions.