Is polyester fiber an environmentally friendly fabric?


Polyester fiber is an environmentally friendly fabric.

Polyester fiber is a synthetic fiber obtained by spinning polyester obtained by polycondensation of organic dibasic acid and dihydric alcohol. It is widely used in apparel fabrics. Polyester has excellent wrinkle resistance, elasticity and dimensional stability, good insulation performance and a wide range of uses.

Polyester fibers have high strength and elastic recovery, so they are durable, wrinkle-resistant and easy-iron. It has good light fastness, except that it is worse than acrylic fiber, its light fastness is better than that of natural fiber fabrics, especially the light fastness behind glass is very good, almost comparable to acrylic fiber. In addition, polyester fabrics have good resistance to various chemicals, and are not damaged by acids and alkalis. At the same time, they are not afraid of mold or insects.

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