Sustainability serving performance


As you were reading this post, you may have wondered: is recycled polyester the only option when developing sustainable sportswear? What about natural fibres?

Of the materials currently available on the market, natural fibres such as Merino wool or Tencel have similar properties to those of polyester. However, as of today, there is no natural fibre or treated natural fibre that has the moisture control of polyester (or polyamide) and can, therefore, be applied to high-performance sports textile.

At the Running Republic, we are starting to develop products with natural fibres, especially to be able to solve the issue of microplastics, which is still a concern when using recycled polyester. 

But because we believe above all in quality and functionality, and we want to deliver the best products to the runners who trust us, we will continue testing until we have found the material whose sports performance meets our high standards. 

At the Running Republic, we believe in sustainability serving performance, and we will not compromise on either. 

If you’d like to start making more conscious choices when shopping for sportswear, browse our selection of sustainable running clothes for women and for men. 

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