Samsonite CEO Kyle and his delegation visited HAILI


Samsonite CEO Kyle, Asia Pacific and Middle East President Subrata, Supply Chain Director Paul and others visited the HAILI Recycling Industrial Park and negotiated to further expand the business cooperation of Samsonite's high-end customized Recyclex fabrics and yarns.

Samsonite (Samsonite) is a leader in the luggage industry and the world's most famous travel goods brand, with a history of 100 years. Samsonite products have opened more than 30,000 stores in more than 100 countries, and it is the leader of the global luggage industry. Our company is the exclusive supplier of Samsonite RPET recycled yarn.

Mr. Kyle and his party listened to the detailed introduction of HAILI and had a deep understanding of the company's recycling process, green production process, especially the strict quality management. Eco-friendly fabric Recyclex, a bag made entirely of HAILI recycled PET plastic bottles, has won wide acclaim and high trust from consumers around the world, and plans to expand to emerging markets such as Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and mature markets in Europe and the United States. 

Subsequently, Mr. Kyle and his party came to the production site and visited the company's complete process from PET bottle collection, processing, to spinning. In the acceptance workshop, Mr. Kyle was shocked by the massive pile of recycled bottle bricks on site. 200,000 tons and about 10 billion discarded polyester bottles are transported here every year. These bottles are about to be sent to the production line to be made into recycled polyester yarn. Mr. Kyle exclaimed "It's amazing"! 

Mr. Kyle came to the customized recycled spinning production line for Samsonite and witnessed the production of high-quality eco-friendly yarns. These yarns are made into high-end custom Recyclex fabrics used in Samsonite trolley case linings and backpack fabrics.

Mr. Kyle was shocked by the processing and utilization equipment and production scale of waste PET bottles, and praised HAILI as the most reliable partner of domestic recycled yarns, which is highly consistent with Samsonite's concept of attaching importance to ecology and environmental protection. Both parties will continue to deepen and expand cooperation to provide Samsonite customers around the world with an extraordinary business travel experience that is green, environmentally friendly and healthy.

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