Functional recycled polyester fiber


The earth's oil resources are non renewable, so saving oil resources is the responsibility of everyone on earth. Recycled polyester fiber, also known as recycled polyester fiber, is prepared from waste polyester bottles, pieces, polyester clothes and other polyester products through recycling processing, so it can effectively save oil resources.

At present, there are two main ways of polyester recycling processing:

First, polyester recycled materials such as polyester bottle pieces and blocks are prepared by direct spinning after crushing. Generally, the regenerated polyester fiber prepared by this method can only be spun into fibers with thick monofilament, which has a hard hand feel and color difference in white fibers. Therefore, it can only be used in relatively low-grade textiles or products without requirements for hand feel, color difference and so on. At present, most domestic bottle sheet spinning manufacturers adopt this method.

Second, polyester clothing or other wastes are prepared into polyester monomer by sorting, cleaning and cracking, and then re polymerized into polyester, which is prepared by spinning. The regenerated polyester fiber prepared by this method has no essential difference from the original polyester fiber, and the product quality is high. The most common are polyester staple fiber, polyester hollow fiber and so on.

At present, recycled polyester fiber is hot, but recycled functional polyester fiber is limited by the difficulty of processing, and there is little production at present. Functional fiber, in order to meet the needs of customers, a variety of regenerative functional fibers are specially launched. At present, the regenerated functional differentiated fibers mainly include:

1) Regenerated polyester antibacterial fiber

2) Recycled polyester cool fiber

3) Regenerated polyester heating fiber

4) Recycled polyester bamboo charcoal fiber

5) Recycled polyester hollow fiber

6) Recycled polyester moisture absorption and sweat wicking fiber

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